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Boats & Cars

Racing vehicles need graphics! Whether it is the race number, sponsor logos, or ‘Go-Fast’ graphics!

My friend Steve on his first outing after changing his race number.

 VGG designed and installed the Registration Numbers, Sponsor, and “HOOLIGAN” decals for this Blown, Gas, Flat bottom,  drag boat. The shot above was from a race at Lakefest Nationals, Marble Falls, Texas, August 2000.

The temporary decals were used on this 635csi BMW for a photo shoot.  This BMW competes in local “E Street Prepared” racing.  These decals were made with aremoveable paint mask material.

This BEFORE Photo was used to lay out the sponsor decals before production and shipping for customerinstallation.

 I happened to catch the car before it went to the track to
get the AFTER shot below.