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Decal Instructions

Please read all instructions carefully before starting.

Choose the area carefully for your decal.  If used as a vehicle window decal, make sure the decal does not block your view. The decals can only be applied one time.   Avoid applying decals below 50 degrees F.

Items needed- Soft rags, dish soap and water, rubbing alcohol, masking tape, and squeegee or credit card.

There are three parts to the decal.  The top-most layer is the application tape, the middle layer is the decal graphic itself, and the bottom layer is the backing.

1. Cleanliness is the greatest factor in having a long lasting decal. I use soap and water to remove dust and grime, then rubbing alcohol on a soft clothe to get any oil or wax off of the surface.

2. Position the decal and hold in place with several pieces of masking tape.

3. Check the position of the decal by measuring from key features and/or move back so it is easier to view.  Make any corrections as needed.

4. Place a piece of masking tape along one edge, the shorter edge is usually easier.  In this case I used the top.  This piece of masking tape will act as a hinge to allow the decal to fold back into the exact location.

5. Fold the decal along the hinge masking tape (up in this example) and carefully and slowly peel the backing away from the decal. The top application tape will hold the decal in place and expose the adhesive.  Avoid touching the adhesive.  You can remove the entire backing or remove it in stages, as shown here.

6. Using a squeegee or credit card, slowly work from the tape hinge side and rub the decal onto the surface. A side-to-side motion and moderate pressure will help reduce air bubbles under the decal.

7. Continue ‘squeegeeing’ the decal in place until all of the backing material is removed.  Then go back over the entire surface of the decal with the squeegee and moderate pressure to make sure all areas are adhered.

8. Slowly peel the top application tape away from the decal at a low angle (close to the surface).  Avoid pulling straight up and lifting the decal or inducing bubbles. If any areas of the decal try to lift, stop pulling the application tape and rub the area back down with the squeegee and try again.

Small bubbles may be present under the decal, but will dissipate in time.  Warmer temperature will also help dissipate bubbles.  Larger bubbles can also be ‘popped’ with a needle.

Avoid using power washers (including the car wash) on new decals.  Please allow 2 weeks for the decals to fully adhere before using any kind of power washer.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.