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2008 TX Varga Fly-In

Thank you to those attending from far and wide - some not so far, but they made it!  We had 3 Varga’s and 1 Navion come in along with 2 other owners that drove for the gathering. Other family members and guests joined us for a barbeque lunch and the door prize drawing. Thank you to my folks, Ron and Nancy, son, Nathan, and good flying buddy, Anthony Kennon for helping register guest, get food ready, and take pictures!

A 2009 event will be in the works for the spring.  If you’re interested, check back or e-mail.

Photos from 2008!

Photos by Mark Shaw, Nathan Judy, & Greg Judy

L- N8281J - Greg Judy, Arlington, TX, M- N5081V, George Shaw, Tyler, TX; R- N8291J, Dan Spuza, Sanger, TX


L- Paul Shaw, R- owner- George Shaw, Tyler, TX

George hosted a Varga Fly-In 10 years ago and was excited about another gathering in the area. He and his son Paul flew over for the day. More of George’s family from Arlington joined us for lunch. They also brought over desert!


Dan Spuza (R) and son, Preston, flew down from Sanger, TX.  Dan has been using it for instruction.

Below-The ‘shorter’ Preston has been doing well learning in the Varga!


Host, Greg Judy, is from Arlington, TX.  Greg’s folks, Ron and Nancy, flew down from the Oklahoma Panhandle in their Navion, N8915H. Ron works on Greg’s Varga and picked up tips from other owners.   Derrick is all smiles below as he became a new EAA Young Eagle before the Fly-In with a flight in Greg’s Varga.

Ron Judy (L) visits with Frank Beyer (R) about Frank’s Varga, N8293J.  Frank drove down from Wichita, KS and was able to spend the day with us. He and Ron are both working on getting JPI Fuel Flow systems approved for the Varga.

Doug Stumpf, Aledo, TX took time off of Reserve Duty to join us for lunch. He owns N5085V that is with his dad by in Pennsylvania.

We look forward to seeing YOU here next year!